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Our Quality Clematis Plants

At Thorncroft the quality of our clematis plants is very important to us and we will not compromise New Packagingon keeping up the high standards our customers have come to expect.

Quality clematis plants that are garden ready, are what earned us the reputation we guard so closely today. Mature plants will be sold in 2 to 3 litre containers which will be well rooted and each plant should have multiple stems when it leaves us. Please keep in mind some of the more specialist clematis have different habits, so these standards can vary depending on the type you are buying but it gives you a good guide on what to expect.

From the very outset, the Thorncroft philosophy is to provide a clematis which will thrive for the customer in their garden but also to provide the expert knowledge that we have gained over the last 40 years to help advise you which clematis are the best.

Your clematis can not always be delivered in full flower, like in the photos below, however we will aim to send you the most advanced plant for you so that you get the best display possible in the first year of our plants being in your garden.

At Thorncroft Clematis we have been sending plants to customers all over the world for many years and have build up a good knowledge of which plants perform best in various parts of the world. We also value your experience and if would like to tell us about which clematis you grow in your country, please do, it will allow us to continue learning.

Plant Comparison

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