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October Update Good News!

Monday, 29 October 2018 16:34:22 Europe/London

We have had some good news and we just wanted to share what we have been up to.


Posted By Peter Skeggs-Gooch

New Cultivars Added Online

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:56:04 Europe/London


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Over 40 New Products added for 2018

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Clematis 'Beautiful Bride' PBR

'Beautiful Bride'


Clematis BERNADINE™ 'Evipo061'



Clematis 'Blue Light'

'Blue Light'


Clematis CHARMAINE™ 'Evipo022'



Clematis 'Dorothy Walton'

'Dorothy Walton'


Clematis ENDELLION™ 'Evipo076'



Clematis ESME™ 'Evipo048'



Clematis 'Gojogawa'



Clematis 'Happy Anniversary'

'Happy Anniversary'


Clematis INES™ 'Evipo059'



Clematis montana 'Miss Christine'

'Miss Christine'


Clematis PAULIE™ 'Evipo058'



Clematis 'Prince Philip'

'Prince Philip'


Clematis TEMPTATION PBR 'Zotemp'



Clematis VOLUNTEER™ 'Evipo080'




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Posted By Peter Skeggs-Gooch

New plants for the 2017 season.

Monday, 15 May 2017 12:27:12 Europe/London

New plants for the 2017 season.
05 May

We are delighted to bring you more wonderful new climbing plants for your garden this year, including two that are not even clematis!

Clematis 'Taiga'® – An Exclusive New Clematis!
A huge hit in 2016 at an autumn trade fair in Holland it caught the imagination of the press, nurserymen and public, creating huge interest even before its official launch at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show exclusively with Thorncroft Clematis! Taiga image 2017




The attractive double blue-purple flowers have a greeny-white tip to the tepals and appear from summer through to autumn. ‘Taiga’ is an exotic looking clematis and is ideal as a feature plant in a patio container or against a south facing wall. The plant can reach a width of 1 metre and height of 2.5 metres and should be grown in the sun. When the flower first opens, it is very spikey, then it becomes like a rosette with large outer tepals, before the final stage when the centre opens out to create a luxuriant full double flower. Magnificent!!









Clematis GREEN PASSION 'Zo11050' PBR  
I do like something that’s really different and in my opinion this new clematis is going to divide the gardeners with those who love it and those who hate it!

Clematis GREEN PASSION 'Zo11050' PBR
This extraordinary new clematis has a double green flower head with later tepals having white tips to them. Autumn flowers are double with more white than green in them.
The plant will give a prolific display of flower whether grown in the ground or in a container and it is very hardy, great news for the gardener. Avoid full shade but part shade will suffice.
Plant introduction will be by Thorncroft Clematis at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.












Clematis PERNILLE 'Zo09113' PBR – Another Thorncroft Clematis exclusive! Clematis PERNILLE 'Zo09113' PBR


This little treasure is a very prolific viticella clematis, meaning wilt free, long flowering and hardy. What more could you want?!
Pretty and striking flowers of white have a deep purple margin maturing to pale violet purple are borne in great abundance on this strong clematis. You will find that PERNILLE 'Zo09113' will grow very well as a companion to roses or other climbers or shrubs and because it is abundant in bloom, will fill an obelisk nicely too.













Clematis SEA BREEZE 'Zo09063' PBR Clematis SEA BREEZE 'Zo09063' PBR – The first time I saw this delightful clematis was in August 2015 at the nursery of J van Zoest. At that time it was only on trial and they were pleased to hear how much I liked this new plant of theirs. I was delighted therefore when I learned that they had named it and started to propagate for introduction in 2017. With SEA BREEZE you get a huge abundance of flowers that have a fresh pale violet-blue colour becoming almost white at the centre of the tepal, surrounding a dark 'eye' of anthers in the middle.







Clematis BURNING LOVE™ 'Vitiwester' Clematis BURNING LOVE™ 'Vitiwester' – This will be the first of many exciting clematis to come from a well-respected clematis grower and my good friend Ton Hannink. BURNING LOVETM is a stunning true red viticella clematis, already making it very popular. The glorious vibrant red flowers have a textured surface and gently recurved, twisted tips. Their distinctive crown of contrasting yellow stamens adds to the attraction of this outstanding performer. A magnificent specimen was seen by Jon & Ruth of Thorncroft Clematis, while visiting Debbie Fischer owner of Silver Star Vinery in Washington State, the Pacific Northwest of America. Thank you for letting us photograph your plant Debbie.



Clematis ANNABELLA ’Zo08169’ PBR – These delicate little clematis flowers are always of great interest to me and increasingly we hear customers say they don’t want a big bloom so they fit the bill very nicely. Easy to care for, ANNABELLA can be planted in the groud or kept in a container on a sunny patio with a small support to clamber over. Exquisite dainty urn-shaped flowers of pale lilac become almost white at the recurving tips of the blooms.

Actinidia arguta VITIKIWI® PBR Actinidia arguta VITIKIWI® PBR - We are very excited to have this unusual new type of kiwi plant for sale. VITIKIWI® has performed really well in our own garden and the fruits are delicious and prolific too. An attractive, kiwi cultivar that sets fruit without pollination, it will start bearing fruit in the 1st-2nd year after planting.
Its delicious, green, usually seedless fruit ripen in September/October, they have an edible skin with an oval shape, reaching up to 3cm in length and 2cm in width.  The flowers are creamy-white, set in threes at each internode and have black anthers.  It is hardy in the UK and I think it will become very widely grown once the word gets out about how good the fruit is to eat!



Schizophragma hydrangeoides BURST OF LIGHT® PBR Schizophragma hydrangeoides BURST OF LIGHT® PBR – Thorncroft introduced this to the UK in October 2016 and it has already been featured by the RHS The Garden Magazine. (December Issue)
A plant of beautiful, large, white-green variegated leaves and creamy white flowers gathered in corymbs. Recommended for shaded or semi-shaded sites, along walls and under trees, suitable also as a ground cover. Perfect for bringing light to darker areas of the garden.
The leaves are highly decorative, with serrated edges and white-green variegation. The flowers are small creamy white and delicately honey-scented, gathered in large tight flattened corymbs of 25 cm across. Their most attractive feature is large white sepals of sterile flowers that form a ring around the inflorescence.




Clematis 'Chatsworth' PBR Introductions for RHS Chatsworth Flower Festival
Clematis 'Chatsworth' PBR – This is a wonderful viticella group clematis which we hope to be showing at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in June. Bred by renowned clematis breeder Barry Fretwell and named after the wonderful Chatsworth House it flowers in great abundance through the mid to late summer and into early autumn. Masses of dainty pale pearly-blue hanging flowers have a slightly darker bar at the centre, a lightly textured surface, and the tips of the tepals gently twist.








Clematis 'Lathkill Dale' PBR Clematis 'Lathkill Dale' PBR –Also bred by Barry Fretwell is ‘Lathkill Dale’. This bushy little border plant produces very pretty pale blue, outward facing flowers. They start from mauve hanging buds opening and raising up to face you as they open. Named after one of the breeders favourite dales in Derbyshire and ours too! Numbers of this little charmer are very limited so it’s quite an exclusive plant to own.










Clematis I AM® LADY Q 'Zoiamladyq' PBR Clematis I AM® LADY Q 'Zoiamladyq' PBR – This is a clematis I admired in the RHS trials grounds at Wisley back in the summer of 2015 and I am delighted to add it to our list and introduce it to our customers. You will get dainty white flowers with a mid-pink margin, purple anthers and are borne in great abundance. A natural companion plant, I AM® LADY Q 'Zoiamladyq' will do well when combined with many climbers but it is magnificent when grown with clematis 'Walenburg' as a companion.










Clematis TWINKLE 'Zotwi' PBR Clematis TWINKLE 'Zotwi' PBR – If you are a fan of the herbaceous clematis then have a look at this new integrifolia type. Dainty bell shaped flowers of white have a pale sky-blue at the 'crown' of the flower and the tepals gently twist towards the ends. An abundant and prolific clump forming clematis ideal for scrambling in the border, up a short support or in a container. Got a retaining wall or bank for this to cascade over? A large window box maybe? This is a cracking little plant to fit in a small space and brighten up a dull area.

Posted By Peter Skeggs-Gooch

Thorncroft Clematis Brand Updated

Sunday, 14 May 2017 20:52:42 Europe/London

Thorncroft rebrand timelineThorncroft Logo new 2017

Thorncroft Clematis Nursery was established in 1985 and for the first few years was in a state of rapid development as the nursery was built up from a farmer’s field.

Once trading, the nursery needed a recognisable sign for customers to see and the first incarnation was an oval metal sign which appeared in 1989 at the Royal Norfolk Show. This was hand painted and matched the one by the roadside at the nursery and on the trailer.

By 2001 Thorncroft had need for a less conspicuous sign and so our black ‘Show signs’ became familiar to our ‘show’ visitor customers. Once again these were oval therefore keeping a familiar shape and a classy but understated appearance to meet exhibition regulations.

The old oval signs had a reign of 22 years but on 14th March 2011 they were replaced with what we call the ‘family sign’ which features two clematis of significance to Thorncroft Clematis Nursery.  The purple flower is ‘Geoffrey Tolver’ and the large pink is ‘Dorothy Tolver’ named after my grandparents who first started our love of clematis.

I have kept the old signs as a reminder of the nursery’s past and the hard work, passion and dedication that it has taken, over three generations to establish the reputation I benefit from today.

Thanks go to the folk at PHC Web Development for bringing the website up to date with our new branding, which is a fine reflection of the standards Thorncroft Clematis hold. A bold font will be easily recognisable and the flowers are a lovely continuation and link to our outgoing family sign.




Posted By Peter Skeggs-Gooch

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