Magnificent Montana!
Montana ‘Fragrant Spring’
Clematis Montana ‘Fragrant Spring’ - Full of buds and strongly scented.

The montana clematis are looking great!

Montana are some of our favourite clematis because we were national collection holders for several years.

They are great value for money and are some of the easiest clematis to care for and many have a wonderful scent. Simple pruning and a huge abundance of flowers make them real show stoppers in the garden and they can be used to hide a multitude of things under their dense foliage which is often nicely coloured and they make excellent screening plants because of this lush growth habit too.
Don’t go thinking all montana are monstrously large plants though, because we have a few that will suit even the smaller garden space, so read on.
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Clematis montana 'Freda' - a beautiful montana growing 15-20 feet
montana 'Freda' is a much more manageable montana than some of her larger cousins. She grows at a more sedate pace than many making her easy to train. Freda makes up to 20 feet eventually.
Clematis montana 'Warwickshire Rose' 
The pretty deep rose-pink star-like flowers have paler bars, undulating margins and recurved tips. Its gorgeous reddy-bronze foliage matures to purply-bronze, altogether a wonderful sight.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 20 to 30 feet
Clematis montana 'Pink Perfection'
Pale pink rounded flowers have a delightful fragrance when grown in the sun. A reliable and popular montana we have grown for many years.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 15 to 20 feet
Clematis montana 'Pictons Variety'
A classic rounded montana flowers of deep mauvy-pink against a rich bronze foliage. Less invasive than some montana and easy to train.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 15 to 20 feet
Clematis montana 'Grandiflora'
The eye-catching satin white flowers have rounded tips, lightly ruffled margins and contrasting bright yellow anthers. A really rampant grower!
Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 30 to 40 feet

montana 'Primrose Star'

Very pale primrose yellow semi-double blooms are very abundant on this lovely prolific flowering montana, one of the more compact growers suitable for smaller gardens.
Super on a sandy or free draining soil.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 10 to 15 feet

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montana 'Sunrise'

Semi-double flowers of deep cherry-pink are borne in great abundance. The young leaves are a rich purply-chocolate, paling slightly as they mature. One of the more compact growers suitable for smaller gardens.
Flowers - May to June
Height - 10 to 15 feet

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