Thorncroft rebrand timelineThorncroft Logo new 2017

Thorncroft Clematis Nursery was established in 1985 and for the first few years was in a state of rapid development as the nursery was built up from a farmer’s field.

Once trading, the nursery needed a recognisable sign for customers to see and the first incarnation was an oval metal sign which appeared in 1989 at the Royal Norfolk Show. This was hand painted and matched the one by the roadside at the nursery and on the trailer.

By 2001 Thorncroft had need for a less conspicuous sign and so our black ‘Show signs’ became familiar to our ‘show’ visitor customers. Once again these were oval therefore keeping a familiar shape and a classy but understated appearance to meet exhibition regulations.

The old oval signs had a reign of 22 years but on 14th March 2011 they were replaced with what we call the ‘family sign’ which features two clematis of significance to Thorncroft Clematis Nursery.  The purple flower is ‘Geoffrey Tolver’ and the large pink is ‘Dorothy Tolver’ named after my grandparents who first started our love of clematis.

I have kept the old signs as a reminder of the nursery’s past and the hard work, passion and dedication that it has taken, over three generations to establish the reputation I benefit from today.

Thanks go to the folk at PHC Web Development for bringing the website up to date with our new branding, which is a fine reflection of the standards Thorncroft Clematis hold. A bold font will be easily recognisable and the flowers are a lovely continuation and link to our outgoing family sign.