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Durandii on Willow Obelisk At Coton Manor GardensThese herbaceous cultivars are clump-forming scramblers, or semi-climbers.

In general, they have non-clinging stems and can be allowed to scramble in herbaceous borders, alternatively they can be used to clamber through open shrubs, small trees, rambler and shrub roses, or obelisks.  

They are all hardy, very free flowering, trouble-free clematis, suitable to use as cut flowers and come highly recommended.

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  1. Clematis 'Blue Rain' (Sinee Dozhd)
    The dainty mid blue bell-shaped flowers have a deeper violet-blue interior. A very pretty and free flowering clematis which is also good as a cut flower.  Learn More
  2. Clematis 'Rooguchi'
    Rich shiny purple, deeply ribbed bell-shaped flowers with silvery-purple margins. Herbaceous, non-clinging, semi-climber or scrambler. Learn More
  3. Swedish Bells
    The nodding bell-shaped flowers are lavender-blue with paler bluey-white margins. A delightful addition to any garden with these enchanting 'dancing' flowers. Learn More
  4. Clematis BLUE PIROUETTE PBR 'Zobluepi'

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    The pretty violet-blue flowers have four long twisted tepals. A very pretty and free flowering clematis which is also good as a cut flower. Unlicensed Propagation Prohibited. Semi-herbaceous, non-clinging, scrambler. Learn More
  5. BLUE RIVER 'Zoblueriver'
    Highly praised by Gardening Which? in 2010. The bluish-lilac star-shaped flowers have a deeper lilac bar and are produced in abundance. Semi-herbaceous, non-clinging scrambler. Learn More

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