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Dry / Hot Areas

We have many customers who garden in countries with warmer climates like in southern France or even hotter such as South Africa or southern Japan. We are grateful to them for giving us feedback on what does well and what does not in these hotter climatic conditions.
Generally we would suggest the following as a guide to those types that are happier in a warmer climate. However, all individual environments do differ, so we cannot guarantee success in any particular location.

Keeping the clematis moist at the root is key. Ensure that the compost does not dry out, nor become waterlogged from too frequent watering, then most clematis will cope with reasonably high summer temperatures.

Growing them in pots or containers of some sort is often a better way to ensure good soil and moist, yet free-draining conditions. We understand, for example, that the local soil in Madeira and parts of South Africa is not ideal. There is really no need to shade the roots - although it can help to retain moisture, it can also harbour slugs and other pests.
Most general advice is still the same as in England; feed them every two weeks even when they are flowering, and keep pale coloured types that are prone to fading, in shade.

For further advice on growing in Hot Climates see our Care Guide.

Here are some others we recommend:

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  1. Buckland Beauty
    The exotic looking purply-red nodding urn shaped flowers, mature to very deep mauve-pink, have a delicate sheen and recurving tips to its thick waxy tepals. Learn More
  2. Clematis 'Golden Harvest'
    (Syn. serratifolia 'Golden Harvest') The light butter-yellow nodding bell-shaped flowers open out to reveal striking reddish-purple stamens. Grow in a sunny position to enhance its lovely citrus-like perfume. Requires free draining soil. Learn More
  3. Clematis flammula
    The clusters of small white star-like flowers have a sweet hawthorn scent. A deciduous, or semi-evergreen climber which requires free draining soil. Learn More
  4. Clematis heracleifolia 'Mrs Robert Brydon'
    The clusters of small white, scented flowers are tinged with grey-mauve or pale blue. Semi-herbaceous, deciduous, vigorous semi-climber or scrambler. Requires free draining soil. Learn More
  5. Duchess of Albany
    The beautiful, deep pink trumpet shaped flowers have paler candy-pink margins. A classic, widely grown and much loved old cultivar. Learn More
  6. Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty'
    The elegant deep, rich red trumpet shaped flowers have paler mauve-pink margins on the reverse. A very popular cultivar and one of our favourites. Learn More
  7. Clematis tibetana 'Orange Peel'

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    (syns. tibetana subsp. vernayi var. vernayi 'Orange Peel', and L & S 13342). The deep golden yellow nodding bell-shaped flowers mature to rusty-orange, with attractive seedheads and finely cut foliage. Requires free draining soil. Learn More
  8. Abundance
    The pretty semi-nodding pinky-red flowers have a deeply textured surface and crimped margins. Aptly named, the blooms are indeed produced in great abundance. Learn More
  9. Alba Luxurians
    The semi-nodding irregular shaped white flowers have green 'leaf-like' tips to its early blooms. These delightful blooms are treasured by flower-arrangers. Learn More
  10. Kaiu
    (syn. texensis 'Kaiu'). The dainty pearly-white nodding urn-shaped flowers have a pinky-mauve blush. A vigorous grower that makes a good companion to large shrubs, and whose delightful blooms make excellent cut flowers. Learn More
  11. Clematis viticella 'Little Nell'

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    The dainty semi-nodding flowers have white bars and pale mauve-pink margins. Despite its delicate appearance it is an exceptionally 'good-doer' and an excellent garden plant. Learn More
  12. Margot Koster
    This lovely old clematis has irregular, somewhat 'dishevelled-looking' flowers of deep mauve-pink, which nevertheless are extremely attractive! Learn More
  13. Clematis viticella 'Mary Rose' (Flore Pleno)
    It is believed that this gorgeous old clematis dates from the 1500's. It's semi-nodding rosette-like double flowers are deep dusky-amethyst. Learn More
  14. Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit'
    The dark purple flowers have a slight reddish-purple bar which fades to bluey-purple as the blooms mature. An excellent choice to give later flowers in your garden. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Learn More
  15. Clematis viticella 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'
    This lovely clematis has double dusky-magenta rosette shaped flowers and makes a wonderful sight when in full bloom. These elegant blooms are excellent as cut flowers. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Learn More
  16. Clematis viticella 'Royal Velours'
    The semi-nodding flowers are a rich purply-red with a luxurious velvety appearance. One of my personal favourites! Learn More
  17. Clematis viticella 'Venosa Violacea'
    The eye-catching flowers have broad deep purple margins that merge towards a white bar which has rosy-purple veins running through it. A lovely crown of stamens further enhance the striking effect of these blooms. Awarded RHS Award of Garden Merit. Learn More

17 Item(s)

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