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Patio Clematis

Here are all our top recommendations for clematis to grow in 'Patio' pots. While many clematis are suitable for being grown in a pot, these are the best for a compact and prolific display in a typical free-standing patio pot.

When potting patio clematis, choose a large container, preferably terracotta not plastic, at least 18"(45cm) deep with adequate drainage holes.  Put plenty of crocks, stones or gravel in the bottom to ensure good drainage and stand the container on feet or bricks to stop the drainage holes becoming blocked.

To keep these clematis compact, we recommend HARD pruning in February / March and pruning hard again after the first flush of flowers has finished.
In other words - ignore the 'normal' pruning instructions!

For further instructions on caring for patio clematis visit the Planting & Care Guide.

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  1. Clematis 'Hania'
    This striking clematis has vivid purply-red bars merging to light pinky-mauve undulating margins and a prominent crown of contrasting stamens. Learn More
  2. Clematis 'Haru Ichiban'
    An intense and striking flower that really has the 'Wow' factor! - Its blooms are very deep cerise, almost red with a hint of mauve mottling. Learn More
  3. Clematis 'Meghan'

    Clematis Meghan is going to be launched by Thorncroft Clematis at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019. This lovely new clematis was named after the newest addition to the royal family Meghan Markle after her marriage to Prince Harry on 19th May 2018 and was bred by New Leaf Plants.
    Stunning dark purply-red summer flowers are produced in abundance May-June and again from late July-September, on the current season's growth.

    Also See clematis 'Royal Wedding'

    Learn More
  4. Clematis ANSLEY™ 'Evipo103'
    clematis ANSLEY™ is a wonderfully compact patio clematis giving an abundance of flowers that are a deep burgundy-red, have a textured surface and a white filament and brown anthers in the centre. Learn More
  5. Clematis ISSEY™ 'Evipo081'
    clematis ISSEY™ has a very regal flower of richest true red are very striking thanks to the crown of white filaments and cream anthers in the centre. Learn More
  6. Clematis NUBIA™ 'Evipo079'
    The glorious rich velvety-red star-shaped flowers have dark purply-red stamens. This would make an eye-catching addition to your garden, or perfect for a container on a patio, or even on a balcony. Learn More
  7. Clematis PICARDY™ 'Evipo024'
    The handsome dusky purply-red flowers mature to mauve-red and have a brighter red bar when first open. A very compact, free-flowering climber perfect for a pot! Unlicensed Propagation Prohibited. Learn More
  8. Clematis TEMPTATION PBR 'Zotemp'
    The outer tepals of this gloriously unusual clematis are a deep purply-red maturing to deep purply-pink. The multi-layered rosette-like centre is light pinkish-purple, green and mauve. Learn More

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