Atragene Spring Flowering

This includes the alpina, chisanensis, koreana, macropetala and their hybrids, i.e. spring flowering cultivars with nodding bell-like flowers and are all very hardy.  

Tips for the Atragene.
They do not need the 'rich' growing conditions or deep planting that the large flowered cultivars prefer. Because they have very fine root systems they will not thrive in soil which is prone to water-logging and they will actually be happier in poorer soils with very free draining conditions. Plant in the spring and if required, prune immediately after main flowering has finished.

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Clematis Willy

This charming little clematis has pale to light mauvy-pink, single, nodding bell-shaped flowers that have a deeper pink flush at the base of the tepals. Very pretty and also very hardy.
Also commonly known as clematis alpina 'Willy'.

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