This lovely group of clematis can make useful additions to your herbaceous borders, with their abundance of star-like flowers which have a hawthorn perfume, they will attract bees and butterflies to the garden.  
Whilst they can be grown in any aspect they will flower better and the perfume will be stronger if grown in a sunny, free draining position.

Tips for Recta clematis.

To look their best, the non-climbing stems require support to hold them erect. The purply-bronze foliage of recta Purpurea is wonderful in late spring and early summer.

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Clematis Pamela

The white, lightly scented flowers have a prominent crown of stamens and it has lovely bluey-green foliage. A slightly larger flower than other recta types.

Clematis recta Purpurea

Glorious purply-bronze foliage with clusters of small white star-shaped flowers that have a hawthorn-like perfume. The foliage is at it's best in the spring and requires some support to keep it upright in a herbaceous border.

Clematis terniflora var. mandschurica

Clematis terniflora var. mandschurica has large clusters of white star-like flowers that have a good sweet scent. It has a spectacular shiny seed-heads, is an excellent scrambler that we have always enjoyed using in our garden and it is a very low maintenance plant.

Clematis x aromatica

The reddy-purple star-shaped flowers of clematis Aromatica, mature to violet-blue and have a wonderful spicy scent - a sunny position will enhance the perfume of this popular garden plant.
Ideal for using through the centre of an obelisk or to scramble through small shrubs and companion plants.

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