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Welcome to Peters Blog - Clematis Climbupicus.

I will write here and include photos for your to enjoy. I hope that they will provide interest and incentive to experiment with clematis in a way you might not have considered before.
The aim is to keep this up to date regularly and if you can take something away of use then that's wonderful.
Please share the Blog page to your gardening friends so we can grow a community of followers who I hope will also find this useful.
Happy Gardening!

Wondrous Westerplatte

At Thorncroft Clematis we have stocked 'Westerplatte' from the very earliest opportunity and it has always proven to be a popular plant with the gardener.
It's natural hardiness and easy to grow nature are a part of this popularity for certain, but the long and consistent flowering period June to September (in the UK) is the most attractive attribute I'm sure.

New Year, New Website!

I've been busy creating and at last can share with you what I've been working on.
On Friday 20th January I launched a new version of our website and thought you'd perhaps like to come and have a look at it. Customer feedback was listened to and I tried to implement as many improvements as possible all at once, so I hope you like it.

Abundant integrifolia 'Alba'

A reliable performer with an abundance of summer flowers.

The group of clematis known as integrifolia are cultivated forms of the species which has a herbaceous habit and originates from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, The Balkans, South Russia and further into parts of Asia.
Thanks to these origins, it is a very hardy plant and can cope easily with the weather in the UK and Europe, making it an easy clematis to grow for both the clematis enthusiast and the beginner.

Magnificent Montana's

Montana are some of our favourite clematis because we were national collection holders for several years.

They are great value for money and are some of the easiest clematis to care for and many have a wonderful scent. Simple pruning and a huge abundance of flowers make them real show stoppers in the garden and they can be used to hide a multitude of things under their dense foliage which is often nicely coloured and they make excellent screening plants because of this lush growth habit too.
Donít go thinking all montana are monstrously large plants though, because we have a few that will suit even the smaller garden space, so read on.
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