Szczepan Marczynski Collection

The Szczepan Marczyński Collection.

We have been delighted to work with Szczepan over many years and to have the privilege of introducing some of these cultivars to the UK market, even launching a few at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Szczepan's Polish clematis are known for their robust nature and superior flowering habit combined with disease resistance, these clematis can be relied upon to perform even in the toughest climates like in Poland.

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Clematis Beautiful Bride PBR

A prolific clematis with striking flowers of pure white with a creamy bar down the middle and a crown of dusky purple anthers at the


Clematis BLUSHING BRIDESMAID was formerly known as clematis 'Kaiser'. This spectacular deep pink double clematis has rosette-like flowers often with a lighter pink spiky centre. Later flowers will be single but have a distinctive 'fountain-like' crown of petaloid stamens. A very compact variety.

Clematis Hania

This striking clematis has vivid purply-red bars merging to light pinky-mauve undulating margins and a prominent crown of contrasting stamens.

Clematis Innocent Glance

The wonderful rosette-like double blooms are light pink with rich pink marbling that merges towards the rich pink outlined margins. As the blooms mature they become pale pink & later flowers are single.

Clematis Julka

The attractive velvety looking violet-purple blooms have eye-catching bright purply-red bars.
Luxurious velveteen beauty but also a very hardy plant and free flowering too.

Clematis Sweet Summer Love

Sweet Summer Love has wonderfully scented flowers of rich deep red when first open, maturing through purply-red and paling to light purplish violet as the flowers age.

Parthenocissus quinquefolia REDWALL® Troki

An exclusive and stunning Polish variety with attractive large glossy leaves, green in summer, turning to deep fiery red in autumn. Fully hardy, healthy and quite undemanding. An excellent subject for growing over fences, but may also be trained over walls, arbour's, pergolas and other supports.

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