Early to Mid-Summer

This group of large flowered clematis are selected because they flower before June (many will flower again) and for the most part they require light pruning to achieve best flowering performance.

Tips for the Early to Mid-Summer Clematis.

These clematis prefer a good quality soil with high nutrient levels and a soil which is moist but free-draining. Improve planting holes with at least 2 forkfuls of well rotted manure or garden compost and if you don't have these use a 'Soil Improver' compost. The Improvement material added should be placed under the root of the plant not around it. This encourages the roots to grow downwards and remain deep and cool during summer.

If your clematis flowers in May-June(late spring), cut the dead flower heads when they have finished to encourage a second set of flowers to be produced in the late summer and autumn. Be prepared to wait for a couple of years before they will be at their best - Our saying is - 1st year = Roots, 2nd year = Shoots, 3rd year = Flowers!

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Clematis Wedding Day

Clematis 'Wedding Day' might just be the most appropriately named clematis we stock. When first open these elegant creamy-white blooms can

Clematis WHITE ARABELLA 'Zo14089'

The first flowers are semi-double, secondary blooms are single but all are purest white and starlike in their appearance. An extremely abundant and hardy variety named due to it's resemblance to the ever popular Arabella.

Clematis Yukiokoshi

Clematis 'Yukiokoshi' has distinctive, irregular, almost 'ragged' looking double white blooms with pale green bars on the early flowers. It's an exotic looking flower that is always popular when featured at Chelsea!
Also known as patens 'Yukiokoshi'.

Clematis ZARA Evipo062

Clematis ZARA Evipo062 has attractive light mauvy-blue flowers with the merest hint of rosy-mauve along the bars and a glorious crown of bright yellow stamens. A very compact, free-flowering climber perfect for a pot!

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