Abundant integrifolia 'Alba'

A reliable performer with an abundance of summer flowers.

The group of clematis known as integrifolia are cultivated forms of the species which has a herbaceous habit and originates from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, The Balkans, South Russia and further into parts of Asia.
Thanks to these origins, it is a very hardy plant and can cope easily with the weather in the UK and Europe, making it an easy clematis to grow for both the clematis enthusiast and the beginner.

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integrifolia 'Alba' - a popular plant with pollinators like bees.
Integrifolia 'Alba' has dainty nodding bell-shaped flowers of pure white with an occasional hint of blue at the base of the tepals and a sweet scent.
All the integrifolia are clump-forming scramblers, with non-clinging stems and can be allowed to scramble in herbaceous borders with other herbaceous plants and shrubs.
They are good 'front of border' plants, make excellent companions in beds of bush roses, they can also be grown in window boxes, hanging baskets or even cascading over the edge of a retaining wall.
The flowers of 'Alba' are produced around June to September in the UK and once the first blooms finish the stems can be pruned down and the plant will often reshoot to flower again later in the summer and autumn.
These versatile little plants are also suitable to use as cut flowers and can last up to twenty days in water, so why not cut a few flowers for the table when you have guests round for dinner, or perhaps a button hole for your day out.
Integrifolia are all exceptionally hardy, trouble free and as with other herbaceous plants, they die back in winter to the ground and reshoot in the spring. Pruning is best left until around February to March and is very easy indeed. Cut all stems through just above the new shoots which will be around 2-3 inches above the soil.
A bed with four plants of 'Alba' grown on mass to produce a stunning display.
The stems of 'Alba' and the other integrifolia will only grow to about 2-3 feet (60-90cm) in height so they are easy to place in most gardens.
They do not cling to a support so will scramble naturally unless given something like a herbaceous plant support or a small wigwam of bamboo canes to clamber up. Maybe you are a little more artistic take a look at the beautiful homemade support in the picture below.
Integrifolia growing at Coton Manor Gardens, Northampton.
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Flowering Months June - September
Pruning Group Hard (herbaceous)
Spread & Height 2-3 Feet (60-90cm)
Facing Aspect North, South, East, West
Aspect Any, Full Shade, Partial Shade, Sunny
Flower Diameter 1.5-2 Inches (2.5 - 4.5 cm)
Habit Herbaceous
Scented Yes
Suitable for pot growing Yes