Marvellous 'Marie Boisselot' - Plant Of The Moment & Special Open Weekend!

The best time to buy new plants? The New Year of course!

Hello << Test First Name >> and Happy New Year!
We're back after a refreshing break and ready to wear off the Christmas excess. We hope you've had a fabulous time and enjoyed yourselves no end.  Now we are here to help you overcome those post Christmas blues.!

Lets get fit together!
Don't subscribe to a gym, don't buy a treadmill or spin bike, all of which will set you back hundreds of pounds, just buy lots more clematis and climbers! You'll keep fit digging holes to plant them and then during the spring and summer you can relax and enjoy a gorgeous display of colour. Win Win!

Change of Venue for Special Open Weekend!
We're delighted to announce our Special Open Weekend on the 17 & 18th February is now to be hosted by our friends at Newleaf Plants.
They have a much larger parking area than we do and are just up the road from our own nursery, so we can welcome more visitors and display even more plants for you to buy!
Peter will still be giving free pruning demonstrations on each day as well.
We really do hope to see many more of you there as it's the perfect time for planting ready for the year ahead.
Click here to see the location for the event - Newleaf Plants

Now lets dive into a closer look at a wonderful old variety of clematis that we truly love.  The clematis 'Marie Boisselot'.

Happy Gardening!

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clematis 'Marie Boisselot'
A firm favourite of my wife Gilly who has always admired this clematis for its consistently uniform flower shape and good flower size of about 5-6 inches across.
We at Thorncroft are often known for introducing new clematis but we also have a sentimental side for the varieties we've grown for many years. Clematis like 'Marie Boisselot' have been a part of our lives for so long, that she is not seen as just a plant but more as a person. This is because over the years we become familiar with the 'personality' of a plant, the way it behaves, it's likes and dislikes, just as if it was a human and as such we have a feeling of closeness to it.
The beautifully regal blooms are upward-facing open and creamy-white. They turn to pure white as they mature and have golden stamens at their centre.
Uses in the garden can be very diverse, from covering walls and fences, to growing through a companion plant or into a tall shrub, even scrambling over and along a low wall. You don't need to find a 'space' for Marie Boisselot to grow into, just a space to plant her roots carefully into the ground, then let the plant find it's own way through the garden border.
Aspect - Any Aspect
Facing Aspect - North,South,East,West
Flowering Months - May - September
Average Flower Size (Inches) - 6
Average Height (Feet) - 9
Pruning - Light in Feb/March (Group 2)
Soil Type - Moist but Good Drainage
Hardiness Zone - H6 - Hardy - Very Cold Winter (-20C to -15C)
Suitable for Containers - Yes
Awards - RHS Award of Garden Merit
Scented - No
Habit - Deciduous Climber
Group - Early To Mid-Summer
Price - £18.00 for a 3 litre pot.
This beautiful old cultivar dates back from the early 1900's and received the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Mentioned in The Virgins Bower published in 1912, William Robinson said this cultivar can be "trusted to give lovely effects if culture and position be all [it] deserves."

Where will you plant yours?
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