Wondrous Westerplatte

Clematis 'Westerplatte' a clematis with the most luxurious velvety sheen.

A superb clematis that is easy to place in the garden.

'Westerplatte' is just one of many superb clematis raised by Brother Stefan Franczak of Poland. Westerplatte arrived in around the early 1990's and is part of a wonderful collection of clematis from this highly regarded clematis breeder.
At Thorncroft Clematis we have stocked 'Westerplatte' from the very earliest opportunity and it has always proven to be a popular plant with the gardener.
It's natural hardiness and easy to grow nature are a part of this popularity for certain, but the long and consistent flowering period June to September (in the UK) is the most attractive attribute I'm sure.
While Westerplatte is not vigorous in height (6-8 feet) it makes a nice bushy plant, meaning it is ideal as a companion plant to peach, yellow or cream roses or other host plants.

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Brother Stefan named his new clematis in honour of the heroic stand by the Polish First Armoured Brigade stationed on the peninsular of Westerplatte in Gdansk Bay.
On the 1st September 1939 the garrison was shelled by the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein, the first battle action of the second world war and despite over-whelming odds the garrison held out for 7 days. 
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The Westerplatte Monument, also known as the Monument of the Coast Defenders.
It took 2 years to build and opened to visitors in 1966.
Later and also older flowers can have a slight bluey hue particularly to the edge of the tepals.
The flower of 'Westerplatte' opens as the darkest purply-red with a marvellous velvety texture. Once fully open there will be a slightly brighter red bar down the centre of the tepal leading to the deep wine red stamens at the centre of the flower. As the blooms mature and also later in the flowering period, you will sometimes note a slight bluey hue to the edges of the tepals adding another attractive feature to an already beautiful flower.
Grow 'Westerplatte' somewhere that you walk past often or perhaps use her to catch the attention of passers-by in your front garden. You could keep her in a large patio container as a feature plant or on an obelisk or trellis but don't hide her at the back of a garden border.
Wonderfully striking flowers make a great impression on visitors. Perhaps use 'Westerplatte' just inside the garden or inside a gate to create a wow factor as people enter.
Care Advice:
Pruning is best carried out in late winter to mid spring each year. At first cut all the stems down to around 2-4 foot high and then leave the plant for about 10-14 days to allow the lower leaf joints to create new buds. Next work your way down from the top of each stem looking for the first nice viable bud and cut away any remaining dead stem just above that bud. Do this on each stem of the plant and you should be left with many stems cut at differing heights across the plant meaning you get flowers all the way up, not just at the top!
Once pruned give a good handful of bonemeal and wriggle that into the soil around the base of the stems taking care not to break any new shoots at the crown of the plant. Lightly water this in.
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