New Year, New Website!

New Website - Update
Clematis Sunny Sky 'Zosusk - Delightfully dainty flowers of mid violet-purple have tiny white flecks and deeper rosy markings. Blooms age to violet-blue and have a charming dark anther in the centre making the whole flower something to really admire.
We hope you all had a fantastic time over Christmas and New Year.
I've been busy creating and at last can share with you what I've been working on.
On Friday 20th January I launched a new version of our website and thought you'd perhaps like to come and have a look at it. Customer feedback was listened to and I tried to implement as many improvements as possible all at once, so I hope you like it. 
Here are some highlights, some I will elaborate on further down the email.
  • Reset Password - You will need to log in and reset your password for your account.
  • Loyalty points - You need to create and be logged in to an account to collect these.
  • Product Compare - Compare up to 4 of your chosen plants at once for easy selection.
  • Improved photos - Better quality photos and more of them, plus a handy magnification tool as well.
  • Collection Packs - We will introduce more of these seasonally to offer you a great bundle deal.
  • Event Reminders - Never miss sending a birthday gift again!
  • Order Updates - Each stage of your order process now sends an update email to keep you informed of it's progress.
  • Faster page loading times for a better browsing experience.
For the best experience use a desktop or laptop computer to ensure all features are available. Now read on to find out more about some of these or take a look right now!
First things first - Reset your password by clicking on Sign In, then click 'I'm a returning customer' and 'Forgotten your Password?' - once you've done that just follow the simple guidance to get logged in.
Alternatively create an account by clicking New Account and filling in the basic details.
Now you're logged in you can check or enter your name and address details and also earn Loyalty Points on each order you make.
Update Your Details
While you're logged in do check or add your name and address details to make sure they are correct for future orders you might make.
Even if you are not ready to make an order yet, let's get that done so it's all ready for you when you get excited to start gardening and start ordering!
Loyalty Points
If you had an account on the previous website then your points have been moved already and you'll see them in your account. Once logged in click on Order Information and you will see your points and the value of those points displayed as shown above. 
Product Comparison
When you go to any category of plants for example All Clematis A-Z you can tick a box (as highlighted in red above) and the selected plant is added to your comparison list.
Now click Compare Selected (again highlighted above) to see them all listed together with their characteristics. You may compare up to 4 plants at a time.
When you've finished just click 'Continue Shopping' to return to the previous page you were on.
A very handy feature indeed.!
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Improved Photos
With newer smart technology the website is able to offer you higher quality images while also loading pages quickly. You can now hover over the photos on any plant page to get a magnified version of the image showing each one in awesome detail.
Click the image of clematis 'Elizabeth' above to try it out.
Collection Packs
These are new for our website and will feature more widely. Some will change seasonally and others will remain the same but all will offer you the opportunity to get a bundle of plants together and as such get a discounted price which will be shown on the product listing.
We've started with the Royal Collection Pack because this is recently a popular request, for plants that have the names of the royals.
More Collection Packs will be added in due course, so pop back to the website now and again to see what we've added for you.
Buy Your Royal Collection Pack - Click Here
Event Reminders
My favourite new feature, you find it on the Your Account page when logged in.
This feature allows you to set reminders for special dates in your diary, you can even set how far ahead of the date you like your email reminder to be sent to you. You can add as many as you'd like.
How brilliant is that..!!
Well that's the end of this update for you.
I've still a little finishing off to do on the website but I hope you enjoy browsing (and buying I hope) and any feedback is of course appreciated. Just use the Contact Page online to get in touch.

As a small independent nursery, we'd really appreciate your support again this year, so do get in touch if you need any help selecting plants or pop in an order knowing you've got the best knowledge & support available when you buy with us.
Thank you everyone and...
Happy Gardening!
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