Just Beautiful Julka

Clematis 'Julka' pictured growing in the nursery

Luxurious velveteen beauty but also a very hardy plant and free flowering too.

This month I bring you the beautiful 'Julka' another clematis raised in Eastern Europe but this time Poland, home to Szczepan Marczynski and his family. 
Raised in 1993 as a seedling it was not introduced by Szczepan until 2000 and shortly after that we at Thorncroft had plants to grow ourselves and were very impressed.
Many gardeners will recognise the colour pallet as similar to clematis 'Mrs N Thompson' because that was one of the parent plants for 'Julka'. Unlike 'Mrs N Thompson', 'Julka' gives a more prolific flower on a hardier plant and also has a more compact nature.

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clematis 'Julka' - An ideal companion to roses and other climbers.
'Julka' was named in companionship with two other significant clematis introductions by Szczepan at the same time. clematis 'Barbara' and 'Hania' completed a trio of clematis launched together and all named after family members.
'Julka' - nickname of his daughter Julianna,
'Barbara' - named for his wife
and 'Hania' named for his mother.
Thorncroft also selected to grow 'Hania' as it is an outstanding clematis with wonderfully vivid colour and the hardiness of Polish breeding stock. 
Find out more about clematis 'Hania' here.
All Photo's courtesy of Szczepan Marczynski.
Pruning is best carried out in the mid spring each year, cutting all the stems down to around 1-1.5 meters, removing the dead growth just above a new shoot. If you like to tidy the garden for winter, you can prune clematis 'Julka' back to around 1.5 meters in the late autumn once it is dormant.
Each spring give a good handful of Bonemeal to strengthen the root and add 3 slow release fertiliser tablets to ensure excellent flowering throughout the summer months.
A wonderful garden plant, clematis 'Julka' can also grown very successfully in a patio container.
Your clematis 'Julka' will give you flowers from May through to the end of August each year and given space can make up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) but with a relatively compact habit I often recommend 'Julka' to be grown beneath other taller clematis and climbers to hide bare areas low down.
As witnessed by many gardeners, the flower colour can vary depending on the soil and climatic conditions that 'Julka' is growing in, however on the whole a good rich soil is advised with a free-draining underlying nature.
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